I have had several fillings in my lifetime, but this was my best experience. I really appreciate the face to face time and valued knowing exactly what was being done. The process of getting the fillings was painless and the results were exactly as described.


I have had cold sensitive teeth for a long time now, especially my 'eye' teeth. Cold air even made it difficult to smile without pain. Dr. Joy suggested I try "Brush & Bond". I was somewhat hesitant because of the coldness of just brushing it on, but it was so worth it! You can have it on 1 tooth or several, depending on your need. I would recommend this to anyone! I had this done several months ago now, and it is still working. It is just awesome! Dr. Joy and all her staff have been very helpful with all my "mouth issues". I no longer dread going to the dentist!


Thank you Dr. Joy! You are the best dentist ever! Thank you for your care, support and your expertise! You and your wonderful staff helped me through my teeth crises!! I have had "dentist-phobia" for many years, but no more thanks to all of you!! Kari Morton too- thank you for your patience and care. Not only is Dr. Joy's dental clinic beautiful, so you don't feel like you're in a clinic... but the treatment you get is amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Joy's Dental Clinic. They are professional, caring and very knowledgeable and they sure bring back your smile!


Everything went so good, no pain at all. It didn't seem to take very long. I had such great people working on me. Dr. Joy and her helpers were so gentle and caring during my root canal. I am very happy to have it done. Great work!


I love to go to my dentist, Dr. Joy and her crew. It is an experience like no other. They are friendly, kind, happy, considerate and more. I actually get excited a few days prior to my visit. Fun, fun, fun. Does that sound strange? Maybe, but true. Going to see Dr. Joy is a great joy. Love her and her gals. They are like friends to me! Sometimes I call to remind them of my up coming appointment just to be silly and hear their voices. I enjoy bringing JOY to their lives.


Before braces, I didn't smile with my mouth open as I was embarrassed of my teeth. Now I'm very happy with my smile! Thanks Dr. Joy & staff for being as pleasant as they are. Having braces wasn't as painful as I thought!


I love my smile now! Before I would cover my mouth when I laughed, but now I love to show off my smile! Thanks Dr. Joy!


I had a root canal done and a new crown. Everything was painless. I had a very good experience. I would recommend Dr. Joy's for anybody in need of dental work!


I have had this filling replaced a few times - always dread having it done as it normally is very painful. This time I had it replaced and a new cavity and was amazed by the whole process at Dr. Joy's Clinic. They made sure I was good & numb and Dr. Joy took the time I needed.

In the past I have had to return to the doctors office to have fillings grinded down after or returned because of pain, but this time I was only mildly sore and by evening - nothing! I have never been so impressed before by a dentist.


"I love my smile! Having braces was so worth it."

Kylie B.

"I love my teeth now! I'm way happier with my smile. Thanks Dr. Joy & Staff!"

Elle R.

"All the girls are friendly and helpful. My dentures are the perfect color and fit. Love them!"

Janice T.

"Coming to the dentist for anyone can be daunting, especially when a person puts off dental care unless it's for an emergency. Not here - the staff is welcoming as soon as you walk in. They make it a relaxing experience and are able to walk a person through the steps of any procedure. Dr. Joy connects with patients and presents the patient with a dental plan and she has the knowledge and experience to put patients at ease. She knows life gets busy and focuses on "what can we do now" and then moves forward with a plan of action. For me, my experience has been fantastic and I keep coming back because of the location, knowledge, experience and willingness to help me with my dental health."

Irene B.

"The whole episode was terrific. The experience has made me less afraid and I have more knowledge than I ever had. Karla was wonderful! She explained everything and made me feel so relaxed. Thank you Karla!"

Scott C.

"My teeth are as pretty as ever. Never disappointed by Dr. Joy's work. Always friendly faces taking care of me."

Laura P.

"My teeth are a lot straighter and I love smiling now!"

Grant S.

"My migraines have subsided since realignment of my teeth/bite. I feel more confident with my side profile while smiling. Before my overbite was pretty bad and I had a complex about it. Now I don't, and I love to show it off! The staff are all so friendly and really love their job, profession and particularly their patients! They have their best interest at heart."

Kathy S.

"I was in need of dental care. I was given Dr. Joy's reference from a friend who had been very pleased with care and results. It was diagnosed that my top teeth and two molars were diseased. I agreed to have all infected teeth extracted at the same time. I went through the procedure with no pain or anxiety! Dr. Joy and staff are very skilled and knowledgeable on patient care. Very considerate and make you feel you are important and your care is their goal. After a month or more of healing I was fitted and received my upper dentures which are perfect! I have gotten compliments from friends. I feel like a new person. Personal care and comfort is their goal. I recommend anyone to please see Dr. Joy and staff for dental needs. Care is personal and confidential. I am a new person!"

Judith B.

"Since I can remember I had always feared dentistry. After working with Dr. Joy I have appreciated her bedside manner and care. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Also, The staff are tremendous!"

Michele B.

"I love to smile now, before I wasn't very fond of it until Dr. Joy and staff fixed her up! I smile and laugh now without even thinking about it! When I got my braces off, the first thing I did was eat peanuts."


I love my smile! I am more confident when I smile! I feel like it was so worth it. The staff is so nice and helpful!


I love my smile now! I'm constantly getting compliments on my smile. I'm no longer embarrassed to show it off!


I hated my smile before I had braces, which stinked because I'm always laughing and smiling. I'm not embarrassed to laugh or smile anymore. I love my smile! I can't imagine going anywhere else to get braces. I'm so glad I cam to Dr. Joy's. Everyone is so kind and lovely and I could tell they all really cared!

Annika G.

I can't stop smiling.. I love my smile so much! It was so worth the time! Thank you so much Joy and team for your time! You are all amazing!

Anjana G.

I love my smile now! I no longer feel like I need to hide my teeth. I can smile confidently now! My experience with Dr. Joy's was great!

Annika R.

Dr. Joy has our whole family smiling! Dr. Joy's Dental is a warm, friendly, caring atmosphere. We all feel right at home with Dr. Joy and her amazing staff! It does not matter how young or old you are, having a nice smile gives all of us more self confidence!

Becca D.

I love my smile! I'm not afraid to show it off and I'm always getting complimented on it which makes me show it off even more. They're so straight!

Liza T.

I love my smile! People are constantly complimenting me on my teeth. I am not afraid to smile anymore!

Faith A.

I love my smile! I like to smile and I am more comfortable in smiling!

Deb A.

I was honestly really apprehensive to get braces, but Dr. Joy and her staff definitely gave me peace of mind and made the experience stress- free! Everyone is so, so helpful and kind! I really love how the entire office seems like a family. It gives off a really awesome vibe, and makes it an amazing atmosphere. I love my smile now, and I use it proudly everyday! Thank you guys a million!

Madison C.

I always feel comfortable and relaxed in the chair. Things are explained well before and during your appointment.

Rachel T.

My son and I love Dr. Joy's Dental Clinic! The staff is very friendly and welcoming! All of our dental work has been wonderful! I highly recommend Dr. Joy's! I always feel welcome & well taken care of! Thanks Dr. Joy and Staff!

Tara T.

Dr. Joy is the first dentist I have had in 18 years that I feel actually cares about me as a patient. Making the decision to come to Halstad from Hope, ND was the best thing I have done in regards to my oral care. Happy to have found such a great facility.

Shannon E.

The treatment I received during my cleaning and two fillings today was "top knotch". Dr. Joy and her team are very friendly and make you feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Thanks to Dr. Joy & team for helping me take care of my teeth.

Sue B.

All the staff is very nice and informative. They have always answered any question we have had. They always make my daughter feel comfortable. Thank you so much Dr. Joy and staff!

The Holmgrens

Always enjoy the pleasant staff. They keep my mouth feeling healthy!

Paul W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Joy's Dental Clinic for years. A great business for Halstad. I always look forward to my visit!

Al L.

Patient since 1997. I receive excellent care! Dr. Joy and her team are always kind and considerate and always on time. We are very fortunate to have them in our small community!

Grace B.

Since September of 04' I have been a patient. Ever since I have always enjoyed coming to Dr. Joy's!

Jason R.

Kari Jo always makes me feel at ease. She is kind when she gives me instructions. She knows my limits and is mindful of my concerns!

Carla T.

It is easier to smile after the care from Dr. Joy and her staff. Very friendly and a warm center to have dental care done. Thanks everyone!

Shawn S.

I have always had a wonderful experience at Dr. Joy's. Even when I had my crown work, everything went very well. Everything always goes great at Dr. Joy's, and always very smoothly. I would recommend Dr. Joy's to anyone!


Dr. Joy and her team are always very professional and kind when I come in. They are very thorough. I feel like I am the only patient there when I am being seen. I have never had a bad experience with them.

Debra M.

I've always hated going to the dentist, but since I've been seeing Dr. Joy for the last six years, my opinion has changed. The staff is very friendly and caring - specializing in NO PAIN! (my favorite part) I highly recommend Dr. Joy to all my friends, family, and co-workers!

Jim L.

Excellent environment and friendly, kind staff. Very knowledgeable in many areas! All my kids had different issues and they handled it great!

Dr. Joy is very nice to work with, she takes care of our whole family. She knows us well and appreciates our family!

Robert H. (Patient since 1999)

It's always a pleasure to come to Dr. Joy's. The staff is very good at what they do and take time to explain the procedures and how to take good care of my teeth at home. I trust their excellent care!

Jean J.

Dr. Joy and her staff are always so friendly. I like the part that the office is just down the street.

Janice H.

Dr. Joy's Dental Clinic has friendly staff that know you by your first name. All staff members greet you with a smile as soon as you enter the building! The facility is always decorated for entertaining kids and/ or go with the season! They put your needs first and leave you feeling happy and satisfied. All around best dental clinic!

Brittany S.

Dr. Joy is always honest up front and does not push treatment on myself or family! Staff have been great with my young kiddo's making them feel comfortable and excited to come to the dentist!

Krista W.

Dr. Joy & staff are the best! They make you feel comfortable with all the procedures. They explain before, during, and after about everything they are doing. I would recommend them to everyone, even if it's been a long time since you've had anything done.

Pam E.

Dr. Joy is a great dentist for anyone nervous about dental work. She is a calm, caring person, and has always explained everything very clearly to me. She stays up to date on current dental care.

Tammi M.

I heard about Dr. Joy from a co-worker and it's the best decision I made. Caring and compassionate care from the whole team. They take the time and attention to make sure my dental work is perfect! Thank you team!

Tammy C.

Always a wonderful experience at Dr. Joy's! Friendly, smiley faces! Love having the convenience of having my dentist in a small town.

Tracy H.

I have been a patient of Dr. Joy for many years. She and her staff provide a diligent, caring and friendly service.

Shirley S.

Excellent care, on time, no pain, over-all great care!

Ed M.

My experience was very relaxing and my hygienist is very knowledgeable and willing to explain everything she is doing. The staff here is joyful and helpful. Dr. Joy explains all that is going on in a way that makes it easy to visit her again. She is not crabby or disrespectful to how I care for my teeth. I will be back and share my experience with others.

Sonni K.

We have had a great experience with Dr. Joy's Dental. They are very thorough and informative. They have been very helpful with making my wisdom teeth appointment.

Denise S.

I feared going to the dentist until I met Dr. Joy and her team. I have been receiving incredible care for 15 years and have never worried or dreaded another visit. My kids also love coming here and have since they were just little monkeys. Great care, family atmosphere, strong community = Dr. Joy's Office!

Jess K.

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